We wanted to formally introduce ourselves to you as the new Managers of the Arizona Apparel Show. We are Jay and Kelli Johnson, and we honored to be chosen by Craig and Chris Hinds to carry on the great legacy of these shows. We are extremely thankful that they have agreed to continue to offer their support during the transition. We are excited to bring new creative ideas to attract both new reps and buyers. Our desire is to implement new ideas to grow the shows while maintaining familiarity of the tried and true. 
Our first step is......

We have some big ideas!

re-branding with a new show name.
The Trends Show: An Apparel, Accessories, Shoes and Gift Show.

Our vision is simple with these goals:

• Introduce new emerging brands and emerging styles to attract and serve buyers.

• Educate buyers with trends and brand awareness to help them better prepare buying for the upcoming season.

• Increase qualified and active buyers with promotional incentives.

• Provide increased opportunities for buyers and Reps to interact.

• Promote The Trends Show as “the show” for buyers to attend in the Southwest.

We will continue to offer 4 shows per year, one in the January, April, June and October time frames. Our first show will be January 6-8th at the Shriner's  El-Zaribah Auditorium in Phoenix. 

Buyers - be sure to register here!  

Reps - visit our Exhibitor Services page here! We have some fabulous brand awareness opportunities for you!

You definitely won’t want to miss out! These are exciting times, and we hope you’ll join us!

ContactTheTrendsShow@gmail.com or  azapparelshow@gmail.com 

Buyer Registration for the
March/April Show



Styles and Textures

The belted blazer. Whether it's a matching belt that is attached or a simple add on - 
Vinyl Material - This is super cool! A perfect statement!
The Denim Jacket - a classic everyday edition to add a bit of style!
The long Duster - just classy and comfy.
Plaid Blazers - Sleek and Sophisticated Style